The men behind the man. Part 1.Bud’da (no homo)

It’s a well known fact that Dr Dre likes to serve as more of a composer/engineer then a hands on producer. Some of Dre’s protege’s have gone on to become super producers and legends in their own right. Over the next few weeks I will attempt to identify some of the lesser known producers and musicians who have help to influence the doc’s sound and have been influenced by his guidance and musicianship.


Stephen “Bud’da” Anderson is probably best known for producing the lions share of Westside Connection’s 1st album: Bow Down.

It was after Bow Down when Dre wanted him to work with Aftermath Records on his Dr Dre presents the Aftermath.

His versatility has helped him sell millions of records without compromising his sound and has composed music for various film soundtracks.

Bud’da’s style is usually live instrumentation, especially a percussive sound.

Here are 2 examples of Bud’da’s sound being implemented by Dr Dre.

Some of his credits are listed below:

Nas: Gangsta Tears

Aaliyah: Read Between the Lines x Never No More



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  1. hey man just came across your blog…good look on making 1 on budda. It’s good to know people appreciate the behind the scenes shit.

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