The Neptunes Meet Shakira.

Pharrell and Chad are certified workaholics.

In case you’ve been wondering where The Neptunes have been, they’ve been busy working on Shakira’s latest album, SheWolf.

Most of the tracks were written by Pharrell, for the latin singer and they have produced almost half of the album.

The album was released yesterday.

Did It Again is definitley a Neptunes beat, I could imagine this being used for a N.E.R.D project.

Long Time has some Neptune characteristics, but they definitley switched it up on this track, a very latin feel and rhythm. I like the clarinet in the bridge. Makes me think of cuban street musicians.

Why Wait features a powerful Neptunes saw, similar to the one used on Busta Rhymes: As I Come Back. Middle Eastern feel here, arabic strings and percussion galore. Nice mixture.

Good Stuff sounds like a Kelis track meets a Bolivian folk band . Interesting.

Once again the Neptunes showed their worth fusing Latin and Middle Eastern music with their own twist to it. I dont usually listen to Shakira but this album is pretty good! I recommend it for Thanksgiving or Christmas if you got a girl/wifey/daughter/ladyfriend.


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