Thugging your way in the industry.

“Tommy ain’t my motherfuckin boy…..” Genius/Gza: Labels

Suge Knight mastered the art of thugging your way in the business. (He wasn’t gay though.)

Lets get one thing straight. I hate most rappers, most record label staff and executives. I just take the checks and keep it moving.

Because the music industry is so cutthroat, alot of dickridng occurs between people who are too scared of losing their jobs. A lot of people dont wanna speak their minds or tell it how it is because they’re afraid of burning bridges with certain people who hold power.

I can understand how frustrating it can be if you trying to get a deal, making dope music, exciting, something different or something real. But you can’t get that deal because you dont know the way the industry works.

So these are my tips on how to thug your way in the industry (You dont have to be a thug to do this)

In economics we would call these “barriers to entry”. Some of them are low, some of them are high barriers.

1)  Do you have some good coke?

Most industry people do a lot of coke. If you can get them some good coke to sniff, then they’ll be “open” to talks with you.

Start a promtion company for a nightclub, host an event, network this way with the managers and rappers you meet.

2) Are you gay?

From my experience,I can tell you that the industry is 75% closet homosexual.

Im not exaggerating. Your favorite rapper is probably gay, accept it, deal with it.

If you ready to get on your knees for a dude then, this is the place for you. You can get a deal like that. You can get a beat like that, you can get a verse from him like that. Sure thing.

In Atlanta,  an openly gay rapper has been gaining a considerable buzz. He has been to meetings with the labels, they love his music, and his image because the execs themselves are gay (trust me on this one). But he can’t be an OPENLY gay rapper. Thats the only thing stopping them from signing him.

3) Security/Bodyguards

Security is a lucrative business when it comes to hip hop.Everybody has bodyguards.

Start a security company,get licensed, get 5-10 dudes on steroids, and then attempt to secure contracts with managers/labels.

Once you’ve done this, you are now in a position to network. You are in control because you’ve seen these artists go in to hotel rooms and fuck dudes. You’ve escorted them to the strip clubs in New Orleans and Atlanta, were closet gay rappers and execs go to have sex with transvestites.

Warner gave one ex bodyguard $1oooo to silence him from writing a book, exposing these secrets.

4) Are you Jewish?

Being Jewish helps in this business. Part of this reason is because the Jewish Mob pretty much controlled the entertainment industry.

The mob put other Jewish people into high ranking positions at these labels.

The Jewish Mob created Vegas, Hollywood, and with the Italian Mob, their money helped to start large labels.

Tommy Mottola…. Clive Davis….etc *no dry snitching*

5) Money talks….

Artists are fucking dumb though. They dont realise the payola is coming from their pockets.

Money does all the talking. You wanna get on Hot 97, Power 105 etc, then you better have that payola.

MTV rotation? Yup, payola. Album review in a top hip hop mag? Yup

Even some blogs are taking payola now. Shit is disgusting.

Unfortuantley,Eliot Spizer got blackmailed by the powers that be because he exposed this. LONG LIVE SPITZER.

You’ll need at least $40’000, $100’000 would be fine though for heavy rotation.

More commas in the check = more spins. It’s a simple equation.

However, you dont need to offer money. Offering a German car will get you far, or laptops, holidays and cruises.

6) Befriend a lawyer

High positioned lawyers know everyone who can be considered “powerful”.

CEO’s, mobsters, politicians,bankers. Having lots of lawyer friends will get you far.

The one word to sum up why hip hop isn’t as good as it used to be = CORRUPTION

Shout out to Wendy Day, Rza, Davey D, Dame Dash, keeping it 100%.


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  1. first stop on your blog, good lookin out, bookmarked..

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