Why DJ Clue is the G.O.A.T Mixtape DJ (Part 1)

Clue had the hardest tapes,the best blends, the most exclusives and the best freestyles.

He didn’t care who you had beef with or what hood you were from. If he needed that verse or that track then he was going to hunt you down. He turned the mixtape game into a million dollar business. Had mixtapes going Platinum in the stores and Multi-Platinum in the streets. His drops could be heard on every street corner,” DJ CLUE….DO REMEMBER….WILLIAM M HOLLA…EXCLUSIVE…WHAAAAAT”

I recentley found some Clue mixtapes that I only had on tape. Thank God for the internet, because my tapes were ruined a long time ago. Hearing this shit takes me back though. Still harder than everything out now.

Screwface Music:

Wu Tang : Hand Clap

Jadakiss: I Dont Care

Ruff Ryders: Thug In Da Streets

Jay x Prodigy x Nas firing mad shots.

DJ Clue: William M Holla 2



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  1. Classic tape!

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