Ghost Production: Kanye West

The definition of a producer is very vague.

For example, some producers such as Jimmy Iovine have earned credit for just recommending certain producers or musicians to work on a project. Rock producers such as Butch Vig have earned credits by just mixing down records. Because of this, the definition of producer will always vary, depending on who you ask.

D.Dot will tell you Kanye did not ghost produce for him.

Here are some tracks from when Kanye was ghost producing some records for Bad Boy, while he was managed by Deric”D Dot” Angelettie. There are other tracks out there, that most people are unaware were produced by Kanye.

Eminem ft Madd Rapper: Stir Crazy

Da Brat: Hands In The Air (dope sample)

Lil Kim:Dont Mess With Me (about Biggie and Faith?)

Puffy: Fuck Yall Niggas (ghost wrote by Shyne)

Nas: Poppa Was A Playa (from the Lost Tapes)

Notorious BIG: Let Me Get Down

Goodie Mob:Rebuilding (classic shit)


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