Ghostwriting 101: Ab-Liva

Ab-Liva is one of my favorite ghostwriters.

I was once told that Ab-Liva ghostwrites for Rick Ross. I can believe that, but I only go on what I know is true. So I’ll leave that out in the open.

Most people will know Ab-Liva from his association with the Clipse in Re-Up Gang.

Ive been a fan of Ab-Liva from his days in the Philly group, Major Figgas. Many members of Major Figgas have gone on to be successful ghostwriters, such as Gillie Da Kid.

The way he positions his words are simply brilliant, as if he is using no effort. Beacuse of this, Ab-Liva has been able to make a  career in ghostwriting for many big name artists. He is currently in high demand and is allegedly handling the writing duties for Detox.

Here are some records that Ab-Liva has wrote for other rappers.

Dr Dre feat Rakim feat Jay-Z.: The Watcher 2 (He wrote Dr Dre’s verse. From Blueprint 2)

Pharrell Williams : Come Go With Me (Pharrell sometimes writes his own verses)

Pharrell Williams: Paid In Full


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  1. hey man –

    i really enjoy your blog, i come here everyday looking for some insight into the industry/ghostwriting/etc. i think you’re definitely doing a service for a lot of people who have no idea what really goes on so i wish you the best in the future with this site.

    i was wondering why you think ab-liva is a great ghostwriter? i agree with you, he’s really good for sure, but i wouldn’t say he has anything different he does stylistically? i would picture sandman as being the better of the two, but maybe that’s a matter of opinion. i was just wondering because i’ve always taken ab to be more of like a “rapping to rap” type of guy, rather than someone who’s actually trying to say something (opinion again).

    also, how would you suggest getting into ghostwriting? that’s probably a dumb question hah, but i guess any insight would be helpful. i’m a southasian MC and, it’s not that i don’t have faith in myself, but i am more of a play-the-background type sometimes so i’ve always thought that ghostwriting would be great to do, if i could get my foot in the door.

    i’m assuming to be a ghostwriter you have to go through the same things a visible rapper has to go through right? build up your buzz, get signed, or get your stuff in the hands of the right person?

    i understand if you’re inundated with questions and whatnot so hopefully you get to mine at some point, thank you either way and you definitely got a fan of your website in me!


    • I’ll e-mail you this week and see how I can help out.

    • Ghostwriters are usually guys who haven’t had great success as an artist but were always talented writers/rappers.

      To get into ghostwriting I suggest you could try get your name out there through mixtapes or association with a rapper some how.
      That could be through being part of their entourage or just being in the studio all the time with them.

      I hope that was of some help to you. Peace.

  2. Great blog. *bookmarked*

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