Dr Dre x Dance Music

Dr Dre has allegedly made a dance record, according to Akon. (at around 1.10  mark)

Now this is interesting for a few reasons;

1) If this record gets released, and turns into an international hit,  we will have to face another year of electro influenced records, like Timbo/Danja, RedOne ,Jim Jonsin, David Guetta and more have made. Which is good for the clubs I suppose.

2) Dance music is usually around 120-140 bpm, and I can’t recall many Dre beats over 100 bpm.

3) I’m assuming the record is going to be given to an Interscope/Universal artist, which makes it hard to determine who could appear on it. The track could be given to Black Eyed Peas,  Game, Lady Gaga etc.  But I’m certain it would have to be an artist with a proven track record.

4) Notice how heavily Interscope has been pushing these type of singles? This is because they do great Internationally and Domestically. Many of these singles have gone platinum in several continents.

Should we be scared?

Well, this wouldn’t be the first time Dr Dre has dabbled in the world of Dance music. Back in his World Class Wreckin Cru days, Dre and Chris “The Glove” Taylor used to produce a hybrid of hip hop and electro. Technically, they helped pioneer this sound already.

Also, lets not forget this is Dr Dre, one of the greatest producers of all time, so we should expect nothing but a high quality record.

At the same time, Dre is a notorious perfectionist, so who knows if we will ever hear this record. It might just go into The Aftermath Vaults with Chronic II, Detox, many Deathrow albums and thousands of other recordings.


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