Drum Programming 101: Best of Mel-Man

Mel-Man is one of the best at Drum Programming in the music industry.

His patterns are simple, but its the crunchy snares and hard kicks he uses that stand out. When mixed down with his 1-2, 1-2 pattern of hats, a nice mix of low,mid and high frequencies is created.

Initially, he was signed to Aftermath Records since 1994 as part of Sam Sneed’s Street Scholars production team.

He worked along side Dr Dre, and appeared on Dr Dre Presents: The Aftermath and earned Co-Production credits on Chronic 2001.

Now, Dre has always been a great on the drum machine, and he and Mel-Man traded ideas on EQ’ing, spending hours trying to create the right mix. Mel-Man was Dre’s secret weapon at Drum Programming.

Here is an extremely rare Aftermath session snippet featuring Mel-Man on drums and rapping. Now we can hear how Aftermath beats sound before they’re’ so expertly mixed by Dre & Co.

Best Of Mel-Man:

Dr Dre: What’s The Difference

The Firm/Wizard: Untouchable

Dr Dre: Bang Bang

Eminem: Role Model

Ice Cube: Hello

Eve – Eve Of Destruction

Dr Dre: Bitch Niggaz

Dr Dre: The Watcher

Nate Dogg – I Pledge Allegiance

Mel-Man – Shittin On The World

Dr Dre: Aftermath Intro

Dr: Dre: Xxplosive (Kanye West sampled the drums off this record to create This Cant Be Life.)

Xzibit: X

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