Drum Programming 101

The best producers realize the importance of drums. It can be argued that in all genres, drums dictate the Tempo of a track.

Drum Programming involves sequencing the pattern and sounds of the drums.

In hip hop, we tend to use Drum Machines more often than drummers, although there are exceptions. Dilla once started tapping his chest with drumsticks, EQ’d them and created a loop. The Neptunes have been known to use buckets to create a bass drum. Timbaland can play the drums.

In the 80’s and 90’s most producers would sample breaks from records such as Synthetic Substitution. This still occurs,but it’s not as common now due to copyright laws. Programming would sometimes involve chopping drum sounds from a record via an MPC. Again,  this still occurs, but some are choosing music software such as Cubase to chop drums.

A lot of guys have made a fortune from selling Drum Loop CD’s and MIDI files, especially on the internet.  You can find bootlegs of certain producers drums, that some guys on Soundclick and Myspace use. This has it’s benefits becuase its more time efficient and cost effective. On the other hand, will it make your track stand out? Will it reduce the quality of the track? Especially if you have to Time Stretch and alter the Tempo.


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