Inside The Vault: Dr Dre and Death Row Records

The mysterious Aftermath Vault holds thousands of recordings.

Dre doesn’t release them because he doesn’t own the masters to all of them. Dre is also a notorious perfectionist.

This is the original beat for the Next Episode.

It was made around the time  The Chronic was recorded (92/93). Sounds like its unmastered, but the beat is still an instant classic.

Crooked I signed to Deathrow Records (Tha Row) before Suge declared bankruptcy.

Because Suge owned some of Dre’s masters, it was perfectly legal for him to use this beat. (I think he sold the masters to WIDEawake, 2 years ago).

Crooked I: Real Thugz ( Beat is the original Next Episode/Doggystyle leftover) (Rip it or download it before it gets taken down)


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  1. I found your blog off of Nahright dog. its a nice look, alot of industy stuff I somehow missed

  2. Hey man I don’t know if you fuck with RnB music…but I did a remix to Trey Songz feat Drake – Invented Sex over my beat. As a young producer, I’m just trying to get feedback on my shit. Thanks for listening.

    Here it is anyways

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