Timbalands Secret Weapon: Bill Pettaway

Bill Pettaway is Timbaland’s session guitarist and has played guitar for numerous other producers.

However, Bill is also an established music exec who discovered Toni Braxton and produced Milli Vanilli’s multi-platinum album.

He is known to play some scene stealing riffs and chords for Timbaland. Sometimes Bill will play several chords for Timbaland to sample them.

The Lox: Ride or Die Bitch (spanish sounding)

SWV ft Missy Elliott: Can We Get Kinky ( sounds like a Les Paul guitar)

Missy Elliot: Hit Em Wit Da Hee (gets very funky @ 0.49 mark)

Total: What About Us

Ginuwine: Whats So Different (one of Timbalands best beats)

Snoop Dogg: Whats My Name pt 2 (more funk)

Aaliyah: John Blaze (RIP Aaliyah..Bill does his thing on this)

Missy ft 702: Beep Me 911 (bass guitar)

Playa: All The Way (you can see how Timbaland sampled the SWV: Can We riff and the Missy: Pass Da Blunt riff)

Justin Timberlake: Cry Me A River (listen closely near the chorus)

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  1. hey that is good and keep the work up i am right be side u okkk

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