Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine: HP Laptop

“The laptop is the new stereo”: Dr Dre

As the major labels look for new ways to make money, Interscope has been involved with improving the audio quality of music.

There was a rumor after Chronic 2001, that the next Dre album would be recorded in Super Audio Compact Disc. This indicates that they’ve been working on improving audio quality for a while.

Its important, because its supposed to give the buyer an incentive to pay more than usual. But thats just in theory.

However, the HP Beats By Dre headphones have sold well considering they were $400.

The next step is to release a laptop that has advanced audio features, better sound quality, new sound formats etc.

With a new sound format, Interscope can release Detox and suggest that it would need a HP Laptop to fully appreciate the sound quality as a form of cross promotion. (I switched from Apple to HP earlier this year).

Music production software is a great product because the age range for producers is so wide. People of all ages make beats and for different reasons.

The issue would be with how to market it. Do they market it as a professional software for producers only, or as a sort of recreational activity for beginners, that anyone can learn quickly? Roland did something similar with Rza, not too long ago.

If they use the same formula for their software, as they used for their headphones, then it could pay off. Dre wouldn’t have to be involved in the process of making the software, this would be the job of audio engineers and software developers. If Eminem and Dr Dre endorse it, then it should fly off the shelves.

Only time will tell.


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