Its hard out here for a Nas fan…

This is a little bit off topic from the usual topics on here.

11. My Generation (feat. Lil Wayne and Joss Stone)

What could Joss Stone and Lil Wayne possibly offer to a project that is supposed to be about African ancestry and issues affecting impoverished black people?

I just find it really patronising that Universal will release some extreme c**nery one minute, then this the next minute.

Last time I checked, Joss Stone was f**king producers, and using Black music to get rich.

What you know about Africa, Joss?
Sped up or real slow, never neo-soul
Hip-Hop only rocking with homey, we co-D’s
Not Joss Stone, Hives, or Coldplay
If there was an old days, we pioneered it
Anthony Cruz, Nasir Jones shit, very serious

Maybe Universal pulled rank on Nas again.


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  1. Very dope blog. Dug through the archives last week. Good stuff. Appreciate that u take time out to blog.

    Back to Nas. That feature was off to me as well. Single? Wouldn’t be surprised.

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