The Forgotten Hitman: Coptic

Coptic was a member of the legendary Bad Boy Hitmen.

We used to buy beats from Coptic all the time, good quality and flexible prices. A multi-talented musician, Coptic is a trained guitarist and pianist.

Nowadays you can catch Coptic in his Brooklyn studio, in front of an MPC 4000 and a Yamaha Motif keyboard, churning out beats.

Coptic is back in the studio with former Bad Boy rapper, Shyne, for his 2010 album.

G-Dep: Child Of The Ghetto (Classic)

Diddy: I Need A Girl Ft Usher and Loon (This record went to Number 1 on Billboard)

Smiff N Wesson: Warrior Heart Ft Dead Prez

Ma$e: Im No Killa (Jay-Z diss. Also it’s imprtant to see how Puff used ghost producers and took credit.


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  1. Same guy who produced ‘all about me” off Bleeks 534?
    That beat is nuts.

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