Dr Dre & Burt Bacharach

This is a big fucking deal”: Joe Biden

I don’t mean to insult anyone’s intelligence, but let me remind you who Burt Bacharach is:

These songs are played in films, weddings, anniversaries etc, worldwide.  They are timeless hits,from one of the greatest songwriters of all time.

Burt has scored movies, plays, and helped write and compose over 70 top 40 singles. Film scoring is different from producing, one of the reasons is that you wont hear the same 4 bars replayed, and if you do it wont be for a while.

In 2004, it was announced that Burt Bacharach would be collaborating with Dr Dre for his 2005 release, At This Time.

10- 15 years ago, this was unimaginable. It was even mentioned that Burt had helped work on Detox.

This album is relatively unknown in the hip hop world, for two artists of their caliber.


Burt Bacharach is credited as the producer.

The Aftermath producers who are also credited on this album are Dr Dre, Denaun Porter and Mike Elizondo.

All three are credited on tracks as Drum Programming and Bass Loops.

You really cant tell the difference between a Dre beat or a Mr Porter beat at times, (which adds to the claims that Dre sometimes takes credit when he shouldn’t.)

Burt is credited as playing Piano on every track and Synthesizer. There are many musicians credited, such as Chris Botti, Dan Chase and Ted Perlman.

The production on this album is world class,and its really a great fusion of hip hop and jazz. The music really does all the talking, its moving stuff. I take this album on long trips state to state or overseas.

Below are the four Aftermath assisted tracks:

Please Explain:

(Bass Loop – Mike Elizondo)
(Drum And Bass Loop – Denaun Porter)

Is Love Enough:

(Drum Loop – Dr. Dre)


(Drum And Bass Loops- Dr. Dre)

Go Ask Shakespeare:

(Bass Loop – Mike Elizondo)
(Drum And Bass Loop – Dr. Dre)


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