The Best Of Wyclef Jean

I got a couple of angry e-mails after I said nobody was making more hits than the Trackmasters in the 90’s to early 200o’s.

I agree,  if I did a Best Of Trackmasters, than it’s only fair that I make a Best Of Wyclef Jean.

On the other hand, as many records as Wyclef has sold with The Fugees,  Salaam Remi and Jerry Duplessis were just as responsible for the breakthrough records of the group, from Blunted On Reality to The Score. (Killing Me Softly has to be one of the greatest cover versions ever made).

After The Score sold 18 million worldwide and The Fugees separated, Wyclef embarked on a solo career. As a multi-talented instrumentalist his production really took off here. Columbia soon realised he had a good ear for finding and developing talent.

As an artist, Jean managed to transcend genre’s, collaborating with the likes of The Marleys and Bono. His production style fused many elements of music such as hip hop, reggae, funk ,calypso etc.

Wyclef has always been constantly updating and experimenting, without being a follower. I’ve had the privelege of sitting in on some of Wyclef’s sessions down at Platinum Studios, Manhattan, and to see how he works is inspiring. Look out for his 2010 album, coming soon.

The Best Of Wyclef Jean:

Wyclef ft Mary J.Blige: 911

Wyclef: Gone Til November (Strings by New York Philarmonic Orchestra)

Fugees ft ATCQ, John Forte and Busta Rhymes: Rumble In The Jungle

Whitney Houston: My Love Is Your Love

Destiny’s Child: No, No, No Part 2 (This record made the world pay attention to Destiny’s Child)

Shakira: Hips Dont Lie (Massive hit worldwide but I prefer this.)

Wyclef ft Lauryn Hill: Guantanamera

Wyclef ft Hope: Perfect Gentleman (Last time I heard of Hope was on an old G-Unit mixtape)

Wyclef Jean: Peace God (This was supposed to be a single from Masquerade, but the album got BADLY bootlegged…trust me on that)

Canibus: Second Round K.O. (The infamous LL Cool J diss)

Canibus: Buckingham Palace (Another of the better tracks from the Gold selling Can-I-Bus album)

Santana ft The Product G&B: Maria, Maria (The track topped Billboard 100,the album sold 26 million copies.

Pras ft ODB and Mya: Ghetto Supastar

City High: What Would You Do

Wyclef: The Industry

Wyclef ft The Rock: It Doesn’t Matter (It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, that beat is infectious)


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