The Future: Johhny Juliano

Anybody who says Soundclick is dead must not know any better.

Johnny Juliano is a producer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Smart A&R’s, producer managers, and rappers, check Soundclick regularly and it seems to be working for this young producer. There are plenty of industry dudes who buy beats from Soundclick.

His name started to ring bells when he started collaborating with fellow Pittsburgh native, Wiz Khalifa. The two seem to have a good musical chemistry. Juliano has been a big player behind the 22 year old’s sound and progression as an artist.

Johnny is able to play keyboard, which he tends to use to layer over samples or create mainly synth sounding beats, while his drums are mostly 808 based.

Wiz Khalifa: Say Yeah

Jr Writer: You Know I’m Nice

Gucci Mane ft Rae Zellous: Gucci Gucci 2008

Wiz Khalifa: Pedal To The Medal

Wiz Khalifa: Ink My Whole Body (This was one of my favorite beats last year, its also a flip of this classic)


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  1. Nice to see the spotlight on Khalifa’s producer.

    Always wanted to know who was responsible for “Mezmorized” off Kush n OJ…so smooth.

  2. Aww shit, my brother uses this guys beats all the time. I was wondering if he had any notable burn, his work is kind of good.

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