Ge-Ology Plays Ge-Ology

Ge-Ology is a Hip Hop/ Broken Beat producer from Brooklyn.

He’s been doing his thing for many years, and earned his first album credit when he produced some tracks for Rawkus back in 98. One of these tracks was on Mos Def’s classic Gold selling album, Black On Both Sides.

Around 2003 to 2005 he helped produced a Gold selling album in the UK and produced a couple of hits in New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

In 2005, he released Ge-Ology Plays Ge-Ology, a 30 track, mostly instrumental LP. The instrumentals are very textured, so you can find yourself doing some deep thinking while listening to them. It would be nice to hear some lyrics over them though.

The beats are spacious and laid back, but the drums always hit hard, like most of the Bling 47 producers drums. If you didn’t know any better you could be forgiven for mistaking some of them for the late Dilla’s beats.

Ge-Ology Plays Ge-Ology:

Secret Confessions (In The Dark) (my favorite beat on the LP)

Driven (From Dey Wun)

All Alone (Lonelymental)

Love Planet Science

Guilt Junkie


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  1. I always wondered what happened to Geology.

  2. Elevator music is one of the tightest joints on this album. That beat has like 4-5 different things going on at one time, like something madlib would make.

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