The Deathrow Vault: Part 2

Slowly but surely, unreleased Deathrow material is finding its way out of the mysterious Deathrow Vault.

This track is allegedly the first single from Danny Boy’s shelved debut album. Dre’s drum programming is on point as usual, but there are elements of Sam Sneed’s synths and piano chords to be heard. There’s nice bass playing throughout. It sounds like it was recorded in 95/96.

The Vault contains the original masters of all the Deathrow recordings. They’re estimated to be worth around several hundred million dollars. (Imagine all the albums, compilations and re-releases that could be made from them.)

Dr Dre is said to keep them in a vault in his L.A mansion, however a Canadian based group, called WIDEawake purchased them from Suge. Technically, they’re the owners.

Anyway, this one’s for the RnB inclined out there…

Danny Boy: Nothing To It (Produced by Dr Dre) (Rip or download before it gets taken down)


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  1. Stuart Bullard

    Nothing To It was produced by myself Stu-B-Doo.
    Stuart Bullard aka Stu-B-Doo
    Check My You Tube.

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