Taz Arnold: Your favorite producers favorite producer

Taz Arnold is 1/3 of the critically acclaimed Sa-Ra Creative Partners. For those who are unfamiliar with Sa-Ra, the term musical genius should spring to mind. A couple years back, there was a bidding war between Def Jam, Star Trak, Atlantic and other majors to land the group. In the end, they signed with Kanye West at G.O.O.D Music. (They’re now off the label).

In 1998, Aftermath Records held a talent contest, which was won by Hittman. Hittman was managed by Arnold at the time, and after Dre had heard the records Taz had produced for Hittman, he signed him to Aftermath as a Talent Scout & Creative Consultant.  Sa-Ra had previously been working with Dr Dre as session musicians for years prior to this.

A little known fact is that  almost half of the tracks on Dr Dre’s Chronic 2001 are Taz’s idea. Even the album name. He’s not credited in the album but the platinum plaques from that album are in his house for a reason.

Taz/Sa-Ra’s production style is hard to define. The beats have a lot of swing in them, and their are definitley traces of P-funk, jazz, electronica. Their drum programming is pretty complex too, they use some nice sounds and have awkward breaks appearing at any given time.

Sa-Ra: The Hollywood Recordings

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