Rollin’ 25 Deep

The importance of mixtapes and mixshow dj’s in hip hop is heavily understated.

Rollin’ 25 Deep was a mixtape record by Dj Kayslay which featured 25 of the hottest “underground” rappers, mainly on the East.

I think the idea was genius because:

  • no record had as many features at the time (until those dreaded allstar remixes started)
  • you get an idea of what each rapper is about, sort of like 8 Iz Enuff or Protect Ya Neck
  • it was the fairest way of deciding who was the best out of the unsigned rappers on the East
  • the rappers wern’t allowed to hear the other verses until it was played on The Drama Hour
  • it helped a lot of dudes get noticed

Some of these artists now have record deals, featured in blockbuster movies and even had gold & platinum records.


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  1. Yeah, this was a cool song.

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