Best of: Ski Beatz

While many producers were trying to boom bap you out of your seats, Ski came with a smooth, classy, borderline cinematic sound.

Ski was chopping up soul samples long before your favorite producers. But he showed versatility with the type of samples he used, ranging from RnB to Jazz. Anyone who makes beats knows that Jazz is a difficult tempo to catch, compared to other genres of music.

His beats played a big part of Jay-Z’s albums from Reasonable Doubt to Streets Is Watching. I think his smooth productions were a perfect match for Jay’s smooth hustler persona. He helped provide Jay with some cinematic sounding beats that brought out the story teller in him.

In the early 90’s not many NY producers were using live bass players or synthesized basslines. So some producers would filter the low end frequency of the sample to make a bassline.

When I listen to Ski’s productions I feel as if I should be sipping on Cristal or some other ridiculously priced bottle.

When Coolie High dropped, I lost my mind. The way he flipped the original was genius. Back when tapes were still in, we had a TDK with Luchini, blending into Coolie High. The tape got rewinded so much it broke.

It’s no surprise Ski has been in the game for nearly 20 years, and it’s good to hear that Ski is still making noise at DD172.

Best Of Ski Beatz:

Jay-Z – Who You Wit
Fat Joe -John Blaze
Camp Lo -Luchini
Foxy Brown -The Letter
Jay-Z -In My Lifetime Remix
Camp Lo -Coolie High
Lil Kim -Spend A Little Dough
Original Flavor -Brain Storm
Jay-Z – Politics As Usual
Jay-Z -Dead Presidents
Curren$y ft Smoke Dza -Nothin But Us
Camp Lo – Sparkle
Curren$y ft Stalley – Address
Jay-Z – Streets Is Watching
Jay-Z – Feelin It


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  1. I had no idea he produced on Lil Kim’s debut.

  2. dope list. Shi Beatz is the best in the biz

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