“Show ’em how to move in a room full of vultures”

The Biz was a reality TV series similar to The Apprentice and Ultimate Hustler, in where contestants competed to win an executive role under a major corporation. In this case, there were 9 interns competing for an executive role at Warner Music Group.

In my opinion, all 9 interns were wack.  They were too comfortable. When I got my first job in the music industry at Bad Boy Records in 1993, I had to hand out flyers at 4 in the morning outside Latin Quarter, The Tunnel in the middle of winter, chase after DJ’s to play records, even work as security for a short while. All for free. I did all that just to prove myself so I could get promoted, and I dont regret doing it. These people did not know the first thing about grinding. They gave up on their artist so easily, they showed no conviction.

In this business you either play to win or dont fucking play at all. Safety first doesn’t work. It’s a business and in business you have to gamble and take risks.  This is why artists are bricking, this is why they’re sending the wrong records to radio, this is why you got executives with no grasp of hip hop culture telling you to sound more like that other rapper.

I also felt that Lyor Cohen was going too easy on them, but you do see glimpses of the self proclaimed Tough Jew at times.

“why haven’t you gone for his publishing yet?”

“you’re loud and manipulative, which are both essential qualities”

These videos feature the top bosses at Warner Music Group. Ahmet Ertegun (now deceased), Lyor Cohen, Todd Moscowvitz, Kevin Liles (no longer with WMG), Julie Greenwald, Fred Feldman and T.I.

Warning: Videos feature extreme asskissing & fake laughter.

Greg Calloway ended up getting the role of CEO. Since the series ended, Greg helped bring Gucci Mane to Warner and is partially responsible for the success of B.O.B.


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