Questions & Answers…

Q: Why don’t Dipset work with Heatmakerz anymore?

A: Funny you should say that. Cam & Vado just dropped a track the other week produced by Heatmakerz. But Araab Muzik is doing an amazing job as their current in house producer. It’s also cheaper that way.

Q: Where are the original Hitmen. They were killing everything in the 9o’s

A:  I can tell you 1st hand that Stevie J got blackballed by Puff..Puff didn’t pay Stevie his royalties..I witnessed heated arguments…remember Puff is a hustler 1st, entertainer 2nd. Others got blackballed for trying to start their own production companies without Puff..but lets not go to deep into that. They had their run and in all honesty, we see producers sampling hits from the 80’s/90’s now trying to make hit records. This is what the Hitmen started. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. The only difference being that the Hitmen were musicians too, they could play many different instruments.

Q: You claim you worked for Dipset for 2 years, yet you always shit on them on your blog. What’s with the mixed messages?

A: Even if the music dies down, I’m still a Diplomat to the end, just like I’m Harlem World to the end. Niggas have died for this Diplomat shit right here, I just don’t fuck with the snakes, the ones who just wanna attach themselves to Dipset because of what Cam, Duke and others created from nothing. If it wasn’t for Cameron Giles, I might never have found another job in the industry. RIP Huddy 6.

Q: What happened to that interview you said you had with one of  Dr Dre’s former proteges?

A: He dont want me to put it out, I respect his wishes. It had some content that might disappoint Dre fans, but Dre is still Top 3 D.O.A . If he changes his mind I’ll definitley post it, thats a promise.

Q:  Top 5 Hip Hop producers of all time?


Q: Realest rappers you ever met or worked with?

A: U-God /Noreaga/Black Rob

Q: What are your thoughts on the future of NY hip hop?

A: G-Unit seem to be gaining some momentum again & Diplomats have been consistent with Cam & Vado.

The NY sound in my view was  the intelligent thug/intelligent hustler. We traded the intelligent element for music to dance to and “trap musik”. Fabolous and Fat Joe fans cant deny this.  But it’s slowly coming back. We still got the vets in the picture like Jay, Nas, etc. Prodigy coming home soon too.

send any questions to answer them all in time


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  1. I know you don’t wanna put any names out there, but is the Dre protege you mentioned someone fans have heard of?

  2. Whaddup HL?!

    He was at Deathrow from 1994 & Aftermath at 1996 – 1998.

  3. I check this site on a daily in the hope of some new info. Keep it up HW. This and Daily-Math are two of the dopest but two who go on hiatus on a regs!

  4. Thanks. Sounds like it could have been an interesting interview.

  5. Sounds like Sam Sneed. Hit me with with the content H. I’ll keep it a secret! 🙂

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