We Invented The Remix?

Jamaican dub musician, King Tubby is widely regarded as the creator of the remix.

But who is responsible for making the remix a must have in contemporary modern music?

Shep Pettibone

  • was highly sort after for his innovative methods of mixing records
  • was the first to put multiple mixes on a record, (hence the term “re- mix) enabling the record to be played on different radio formats
  • credited with creating the “machine gun snare” which is now used by many Southern based hip hop producers (this was a mainstay of popular music in the 1980’s)
  • co-produced hip hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa’s first single in 1981
  • brought the House music sound into the mainstream
  • produced Vogue for Madonna and the majority of her album Erotica (2x Platinum) 


P. Diddy

  • had an in house production team named The Hitmen, who were some of the biggest producers in the 1990’s
  • a notorious perfectionist – (was once banned from the studio recording of Honey by Mariah Carey, amongst other stories)
  • would have a remix for every single (which wasn’t the norm at the time in hip hop)
  • their remixes gradually helped “crossovers” between Hip Hop and Rnb
  • would often gain criticism for sampling several hit records to make one record, similar to the Art of Noise

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