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Q: I got a beat placed at a major label but I can’t get it on the album until I get the sample cleared, any advice?

A:      The label should usually handle sample clearances though.

Q: How can Dr Dre be one of the best producers ever if he sometimes has other producers making beats for him?

A: Come on man, what other producer has sound clarity as one of their signatures. Play a Dre beat in any music player or system, the sound is so big and clear. The Chronic did that in 1993, 2001 did that in 1999.  A Dr Dre production has lyrics that stand out clearly, the beat is so defined. Shit, Dre made an album in 1996 that sounds like it dropped this year! If I was a producer, I would happily ghost produce with Dr Dre if he mixed my beats to sound so big and clear.

Q: From the outside looking in, it seems most of the money is now in management. What are your thoughts on the Roc Nation and the moves Jay-Z has been making to expand?

A: Roc Nation represents the new business model of the music industry. 360 ownership, making a percentage from every deal and performance an artist makes.

But Roc Nation is more of an entertainment promoter then a  record label. I think its interesting that they are owned by LiveNation who also own Ticketmaster.

Imagine signing an act,then  having that act tour in venues that you own..making money from tickets that you own..selling merchandise in venues that you own..from a business perspective its a very smart move.

On the other hand, it truly is 360 in that sense and that creates a huge conflict of interest.

I’ve heard of producers who get placements on Roc Nation managed projects such as Blueprint 3, Rated R had to give Roc Nation certain amounts of publishing rights.

Also, im sceptical about how much money some artists will make. You can’t sell out 20+ arenas on an album which was poorly promoted, so the artist will always have more to lose then the company which I think is unfair.

Im also unsure how the future of Live Nation will affect Roc Nation. Live Nation continues to post heavy quarterly losses, I’m worried that they might gradually increase the percentage they take from artists to cover their losses or risk going bust quickly.


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  1. According to Jay-z, during his most recent forbes interview, roc nation is running at a profit. Perhaps, LiveNation should take some tips from their contractor.

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