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Q: As an unsigned rap artist in today’s music music business what would you say are the best major labels to sign with that will help build a brand to expand outside of music?

Outside of music…Interscope/Geffen without a doubt. Alternatively, Island/Def Jam.

Q) What are a few things an aspiring producer/rapper should be doing to improve their chances of getting discovered or gaining an audience?

Getting a publicist would be a good one. Prices vary, you can get a good one for a reasonable amount (obviously not the level of Jay-Z n em. Also, I know this may sound a little cliched but coming with a different style/sound will make you stand out from the crowd.  People will want to buy into that new style because it’s unlike any product out there. And lastly, being in the right place at the right time when the chance presents itself.

Q: Why do Harlem ni**as always talk about Harlem World, what does it even mean?

Harlem World was the name of a club night and the name of Lovebug Starski’s crew who used to perform at The Apollo Theater back in the 80’s. Harlem World Crew would come and battle other crews, freestyle back to back while the dj mixed records, battle hecklers from the crowd. This led to the legendary battle between Kool Moe Dee & Busy Bee Starski. But my pops used to tell me it’s what all the legendary hustlers use to call the area from Lenox Ave, all the way to some blocks on the otherside of Harlem.

Some Harlemites use it as a term to describe a flashy, extravagant lifestyle. Actions speaking louder than words…

Me, I just use the name because I lived in the same hood as Mase and some of Harlem World.

Q: Best rap group ever?

Difficult. For me it’s either Bone Thugs or Wu Tang. I’ll probably go for Wu though..




About Harlem World

the BAWSE *ross grunt*

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  1. Personally, I would put RocNation ahead of all of the above. I know technically, they arent a major, but when the HNIC has the experience of achieving larger than life success in your field and you can pick his brain or he can call in a favour from just about any mover/shaker in the various dimensions of entertainment and beyond, that to me hands down is the deal to make. Not to mention that RocNation has been profitable in a time when, even their parent company is standing on shaky ground, I would look at their obvious management expertise, as a huge plus. To me, they’re the team to beat. It’s just some of these rappers have way more pride than they’ve got intelligence, but even if I were a multi-platinum proven talent, I’d be knockin’ down Hov’s door. Just look at the moves the kid makes.
    On what criteria are you basing your bestness or do you mean your favorite group?

  2. BTW I realise that LiveNation isn’t a parent company to RocNation I used the phrase for want of better terminology.

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