Why it gotta be like that?

This is what I do at work  in 2010

  • E-mail & make phone calls all morning
  • Meetings (Tuesdays & Fridays only)
  • Have Lunch
  • Talk shit with some of my colleagues
  • Go to Espn.com & Nahright.com for hours
  • Talk to artists
  • Listen to beats that producers have sent in


A&R’s tend to sign anything similar to what’s already hot. This is because if the artist becomes the next big thing, theres a nice big bonus that an A&R receives.

Every A&R is looking for the next Eminem for obvious reasons.

Nicki Minaj, nothing against her but she reminded people of Kim & Foxy. A&R’s were like “sign on the dotted line”

Shit, even Guerilla Black got a deal because he sounded/looked like Biggie.

Although it’s a tried & tested method, it doesn’t always mean it will work, as you can see with the previous example.

Shelving (or benching):

Shelving is what a lot of sports teams do. They’ll throw a contract out to someone to stop them from sigining with the competition. The music industry is no different.

You have my word:

Does anyone remember when Hell Rell tried to sue Koch Records. Well as far as I know that lawsuit got thrown out of court. Let me tell you why..

A good amount of deals are done without signing a contract. El Entertainment (formerly known as Koch Records, last time I checked, did deals without artists having to sign any contracts. But don’t fret, this is an industry wide practice. Peep why Lyor was upset when Drake signed with Universal, and the reason why Diddy was upset Jay Electronica went to Roc Nation. Your word is your word is an old fashioned practice, but it is still widely used in the business.






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  1. Diddy of all people is the last person to be tweeting about betrayal. If all that we’ve witnessed throughout the years with this cat, is to be believed, as recounted; his first, middle and last name would consist of the various versions of the word. As much as I love and have enjoyed watching him prosper, he wouldn’t be my choice of labelhead, especially if Hov came aknockin’

  2. whats the email address your accepting beats to???

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