Timbaland’s Championship Rings

What Timbaland did to RnB with his Beat Club/Swing Mob, was similar to what Rza did in hip hop with Wu Tang Clan.

  • Established an innovative and distinctive sound
  • Kept most of the production in house
  • Made critically acclaimed records
  • Established the artists he worked with before branching out to other artists and genres
  • Sold millions of records in the process

With his close “family” of singers and songwriters, Timbaland helped to produce the bulk of the albums pictured above.

Will we ever see a winning streak like this in RnB ever again?


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  1. Will we ever see a winning streak like this in RnB ever again?


    IDK. Back then, you didn’t have a million different music software’s you could make music on. Fruity Loops will perform a lot IF not, all of the music for you. That’s bad biz IMO.

    Timbaland was PLAYING those chords, man. Before acid dropped, he programmed his OWN drums to his liking, & it gave him a sound. Nowadays when a new sound drops, there’s a program to duplicate it, INSTANTLY.

    Another thing, Ginuwine could sing forreal, live or studio. No plug in vst to get his pitch right like you have today(melodyne). Combine that raw talent with Timb & you had a problem, along with the other original, talented artists he was working with at the time.

    I could go on & on(pause) lol

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