Death Row Vault Part 3: Sam Sneed ft J-Flexx – Lady Heroin:

Sam Sneed ft J Flexx – Lady Heroin

Sam Sneed is a Pittsburgh born producer who influenced Dr Dre’s current orchestral sounding brand of hip hop.

His team of Pittsburgh producers and musicians called Street Scholars, were at Death Row Records from 1994 to 1998. They included Stu – B – Doo, Budda and J-Flexx (rapper & writer for Dr Dre).

He was rumored to have suffered a brain tumor after being assaulted by Tupac – Suge & other members of their entourage, after appearing in U Better Recognize with several East Coast based artists and entourages.

This video was unreleased until January 10 2011. Enjoy.


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  1. hot beat… first heard the song when they play it at the beginning of the California Love alternate video

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