Jay-Z: Casino Music

I’m going to Vegas this weekend, so it’s only right I take my MGM Casino mixtape with me.

Jay-Z makes great casino music.

I think it has something to do with the Big Band/Swing type of beats he uses at times.

It’s pretty clear to me that Jay-Z likes casinos. Certain tracks he makes, have me visualizing¬† rolling dice, cards being dealt, roulette wheels spinning, slot machines ringing.(Dont worry, I’m not a gambling addict! )

I can see Jay doing shows in Las Vegas for $1 million a night in the future like The Rat Pack, Michael Buble, Liberace and other famous performers have in the past.

Jay-Z’s Casino & Gambling references:

“I bought a black Mac, outta control//Losing bankrolls on Blackjack – you gotta know..”

“Viva Las Vegas, see ya later at the Crap tables//meet me by the one that starts a G up//This way no fraud willies present gambling they re-up//And we can have a pleasant time sippin’ Margaritas..”

“I’m taking wages down in Vegas, just in case Tyson have a major night off, thats clean money..”

“Sippin’ on some Vino got me cooler than Pacino and De Niro put together, my real life is Casino..”

“Godfather, Goodfellas, Scarface, Casino//You seen what the last run did to De Niro//And he can’t beat the odds//Can’t cheat the Gods//Can’t blow too hard//Life’s a deck of cards..”

“Big chips, big trips to Vegas, nigga//Big cribs and the whips is spacious..”

When Jay-Z is refering to himself as Lucky Lefty, he’s talking about the Jewish mobster Frank Rosenthal.
Robert De Niro’s character in Casino was based on Rosenthal. He was also a legendary figure in the world of gambling.

Harlem World presents – Jay-Z: MGM Casino Mixtape

(This tape is a little compilation, best experienced for the flight to Vegas – the travel to the hotel – unloading the luggage in the hotel – driving down Vegas Strip)


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