Pittsburgh & California: A Tale of Two Cities

Certain parts of Pittsburgh in the 1990’s were very similar to certain parts of California in the 90’s.

There were guys in Pittsburgh rolling around in Chevy’s, Bloods, drive-bys etc.

So when I first heard of Wiz Khalifa, I swear on my life I assumed he was from the Bay Area, simply because was rhyming about Chevy’s, kush, macking and he had a slight Cali accent too. You could hear most of these topics in a typical Mac Dre or Luniz record.

Little did I know that years later, he would be doing sold out shows on the West Coast & have a highly requested record on California radio stations. His California fanbase is pretty strong from what I’ve seen.

It’s strange because the West Coast actually got some of their sound from Pittburgh, as I’ve previously explained in several posts.

When Dr Dre was at Death Row, he was collaborating with a Pittsburgh based producer named Sam Sneed.

But once Dre left Death Row to start Aftermath, he took most of Sneed’s Pittsburgh producers and rappers with him.

That futuristic yet orchestral sound that Dr Dre & the West Coast is now known for, was the product of Pittsburgh musicians.


His style was bass heavy, with a classical music touch that included string sections & pianos.


Most of the time his sound was based around keyboards & horns.


His sound was more percussion based – bass, little guitar or piano loops & thumping drums, as you probably heard on Chronic 2001.


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  1. Great post, I’m interested in this Pittsburgh/Cali connection.

  2. I didn’t realize those guys were from Pittsburg.

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