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Q) I read an interview a few years back where Nas’ group, The Bravehearts say that “Steve Stoute only comes around when he wants something”. Can you explain this because I only heard of Steve Stoute from the Diddy incident.

A) When MC Serch managed Nas, he had full creative control on Illmatic.  Illmatic was widely regarded as an instant classic, but it didn’t meet sales expectations at the time.

When he wanted to make money, he left MC Serch so he could be managed by Steve Stoute.

Nas made money (multi platinum albums/tours/writing for Will Smith/product endorsements) but he had very little creative control.

For example, The Firm album was Steve Stoute’s idea.
The whole QB fueds betweeen Nas – Prodigy- Cormega & Nature fueds started from this. A management deal gone wrong between Steve Stoute’s company and Violator Management.

The Trackmasters producing almost every Nas single up until Stillmatic was Steve Stoute’s idea, as he managed them too. (although I thought this was a good idea)
Nas Makaveli Escobar was Steve Stoute’s idea.

After the Hate Me Now controversy, he leaves Steve Stoute to go to Violator Mangement and releases Stillmatic, where he disses Jay-Z . The album is widely praised but he leaves them to go back to Steve Stoute.

And then the whole Def Jam deal is set up with  *drum roll please*.

Jay-Z later steps down as President of Def Jam and Nas gets left in label limbo. When the person who signed you leaves – you’re in trouble.

Jay-Z focuses more attention on his Translation Advertising  company – that he owns with Steve Stoute.

So, the answer to your question is yes – The Bravehearts have a point.

Q) Will Roc Nation be the next big hip hop label?

A) Roc Nation does management & publishing deals and the last album they released was over a year ago. Their artists don’t even have release dates – no release date means that no budget has even been prepared to record the album. I’m very sceptical – but that could change soon.


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