Curren$y signs to Warner Music

Allegedly, indie rapper Curren$y has now inked a deal with Warner Music Group.

I think it’s a good idea if he has full creative control and hasn’t signed a 360 deal. It seems to be working out for Wiz Khalifa.

On the other hand, it’s odd because Curren$y has taken an anti major label stance, throughout his indie career.

But who knows what their motive is? Is it to capitalize on his indie success or to shelve him – as Wiz & Curren$y have similar subject matter at times.

I’m wondering if Dame Dash will still be involved? We know he has had a guiding hand in Curren$y’s career but is there still bad blood between Dame & Lyor?


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  1. SpitttaaAa WTF? After listenin to “Record Deals” on Return to Winners Circle it seemed he wldnt sign anywhere. I’m curious as to how they wil market him? Congrats to da homie but iont kno?

  2. I’m sort of confused by this too.

    Dame manages Currensy – but it’s not rare for deals to be done without any contract being signed. It’s possible that the deal could’ve been done without Dame knowing. I hope I’m wrong though.

    Currensy – Dame – Ski = the right team
    Currensy – Julie – Stargate = bad combination

  3. Yeah, congrats. But I don’t like the sound of this.

  4. Very, very strange. I do wonder how the BluRoc relationship is going to fit in to all of this, and all the trappings that come with it – Ski Beatz, The Dojo, Spitta’s creative control over his projects…

    I don’t think it will be long before labels are stipulating in their contracts that artists can’t produce projects like “Return To The Winners Circle” off their own back…even for the classic “Promotional Use Only”…if they aren’t already…

    • im hoping its a 1 album deal – warner are very sloppy, they tend to just throw money at things and hope it will work

      • You are soo right look at 2 and a half men [tv show owned by warner] they pay the main actor a mill + an EPISODE. He could pull off due to shitloads of guap and they the hook ups of people he could pull of one big project but after you might be right.

  5. I’m late on this, but the new design is cool, homie.

  6. *daps HW*

    I’m wondering if Dame Dash will still be involved? We know he has had a guiding hand in Curren$y’s career but is there still bad blood between Dame & Lyor?


    Speak on it sir. I enjoy these write ups you do. I think you’ve written bout the TI before, but these background stories are crack. Lyor, Irv, Dame all dem ma fukkas.

    Slightly related: You think this has anything to do with Dame fuckin shit up? Read some interview recently with Ski Beatz where he said Mos wasn’t on 24hr K. School cause he (Mos) was unhappy with Mr. Dash’s dealings. Same goes for them white boys the Black Keys. Cant remember where I read that now…

    • “I shut that motherfucker down” – Lyor

      I remember an interview where Curren$y was like – “no contracts, im just gonna roll on the strength” not exactly a word for word quote -but some labels & managers ride with their artists without signing contracts which is always risky.

  7. w/ Warner Music signings of respected indie/ underground artists like Blu and Curren$y…maybe they main reasons for signing them is *ahem*….

    their dope artists

    crazy right…remember when used be the #1 reasons behind record contracts….

    not Youtube views and twitter followers, or mixtape DL numbers

    • No doubt that Blu & Curren$y are talented artists. But Warner have a history of dropping the ball on “underground” artists with strong grassroots followings.
      J*Davey would be a perfect example. Warner are about to fire a lot of staff too, so the guy who signed him could be leaving in a few days, if this is all true.

    • So crazy it just might work..

  8. yeah they do drop the ball. remember wiz was signed to wb before he left.

    i don’t know what to think, i’m kind of thinking that he signed with them, agreed to maybe a cd or two just to appease them, so he could get there backing on jets international for roddy, trademark and his other people he wants to put on.

    because if he was going to become a major he wouldn’ve put out pilot talk 3 on warner, since him and dame don’t have a contract it’s all his. it would of been kinda fucked up but he could of. but no the 1st thing he’s going to release is something he was going to release anyways for free? covert coup?

    plus him and dame seem tight, maybe he figures he can pull a fast one on lyor, get his team up, and get an advance with shit he was going to release for free anyways.

    i don’t know. it’s just really weird when you consider wiz left there, lyor works there, curren$y said he would never sign with a major again, plus instead of working a big budget album like most would after signing a major deal and working towards that he puts out something he already finished BEFORE the deal was even signed.

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