Non stories & current Hip Hop Journalism

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of non stories & sensationalism within hip hop journalism. I suppose it isn’t really a big shock within the world of entertainment, if we consider we’re living in a TMZ/MediaTakeout/Enquirer culture where a vague Twitter comment can get transformed into a media circus.

Exhibit A:

2 B-List rappers got tattoos on their faces – that is it. Maybe it’s a cry for help and attention at the most. It’s definitley not an ingenious marketing strategy.

Exhibit B:

This is not hip hop news because – the “security” in question is actually an entourage of friends & artists.

The rapper in question hasn’t commented on the the situation – therefore the journalist has decided to jump to conclusions instead of fact checking.

Exhibit C:

Man jailed for stealing from rappers video set: Do people actually care about this??

The real question for me is, who is to blame for the shoddy journalism and sensationalism? The rappers PR/publicist or the journalist for trying to make a story out of nothing?


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  1. Word, good article.

    I wouldn’t say PRs are innocent, but I’m shooting for the journalists on this one. It’s such an intense and perpetuated lack of depth, it’s scary.

  2. It the information age….

    people love constant content…even if it’s irreverent

    songs and albums don’t last as long as they used to…

    hundreds of songs hit the blogs inbox everyday…

    one dope song one day, is forgotten the next day…

    in between these days the non-stories, rumors and gossip are used as to make the site appear to readers as busy…

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