Advanced: Three 6 Mafia – The End

Long before fans were accusing rappers of devil worship, Three 6 Mafia made no secret of their connection to the Mark Of The Beast and the Apocalypse.

What Three 6 Mafia did back in 1995/6, helped shape the sound of the South.  Hypnotize Minds gave birth to a new style that was characterized by a menacing sub bass, heavy 808 kick drums and hypnotic synth layers that were similar to Rza’s digital phase. You can hear the influence in Southern based producers such as Lex Luger, Lil Jon, Mannie Fresh et al.

Production wise, I think it’s an important album (more so than Mystic Stylez) because:

  • it was a stark contrast to the sound of the South that mostly used in house musicians and was slow tempoed
  • paved the way for emerging labels such as No Limit and Cash Money to capitalize on this sound
  • the style used would become a must have for Southern producers and eventually make it’s way up to New York in the 00’s

Three 6 Mafia – Chapter 1: The End


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