J Dilla: Still Shining


This is a documentary about the late J Dilla aka Jay Dee, which was released last month.

I found it interesting when Questlove was talking about how Dilla would make accents within the drums, to help emphasize rhythm. Kicks and snares would go under certain syllables & parts of words. I Don’t Know sprung to mind when he mentioned that.

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  1. This and some other interviews where Questlove breaks down music and its significant are interesting…you can tell how much a student of the game he is….maybe a professor in a university is in his future

  2. Great vid… was chopping breaks the other day and a friend of mine sent this link to my email


    Was skeptical at 1st but those are by fair the best Dilla drums I have ever heard. The dude actually created them from scratch rather than chopping them from Dillas tracks like everyone else is doing out there

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