Is DJ Quik the most underrated producer?

“Fucking & mixing records go hand in hand”

  • his style was heavily influenced by Funk artists such as Zapp, Slave, Curtis Mayfield, Prince, Vaughn Mason & Parliament
  • a multi-instrumentalist, Quik tends to use live instruments & session musicians such as Rob Bacon
  • one of the pioneers of G-Funk
  • mixed many of the tracks on 2Pac’s All Eyez On Me (under the alias of David Blake)
  • was a frequent collaborator with the late funk legend Roger Troutman & R&B singer El Debarge
  • scored the feature film Head of State

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  1. DJ Quik is def one of the most underrated

    Seem like both Quik and Daz have both been overshadowed by Dre

    Nashiem Myrick is much of a brand name but he made some of the hardest beat known to man

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