Just Blaze vs Bink!

Former Roc-a-fella producers Bink! and Just Blaze got into a war of words, over Twitter several days ago.

Bink’s trademarks seem to be a big band style of drum programming, with lots of crashes and drum rolls and intricately chopped samples (mostly soul).

The issue? Bink claims Just Blaze heard his track he made for Rick Ross, then copied it and sold it to Rick Ross & Maybach Music Group?

Now, I just want to state that this isn’t the first time Rick Ross has been accused of doing this.

Wyldfyer claimed that his track was taken by Rick Ross & Justice League, and replayed to make Maybach Music III.

Does Just Blaze set trends or follow them?:

Bink also went on to claim how Just Blaze is a great producer, but lacks originality. Is it plaigarism if you’re using the same sample as before?  That’s always going to be a difficult topic,  because some producers take pride in digging for rare samples.

Well, there was the time Jim Jones: Summer with Miami got flipped into Ignorant Shit. (Ron Isley: Beteween The Sheets)

Personally, I always thought I Really Mean It sounded kind of similar to 1-900 Hustler (produced by Bink!).

And Cant Let You Go always sounded way too much like Always On Time.

React was like an attempt to jump on the Hindi/Bhangra sampling that Timbaland & DJ Quik had popularized.

And No Love is – well… everyone seems to be flipping 90’s dance music at the moment.

Personally, I love some of his work.  Just Blaze is definitley one of the best producers of the last 5 to 10 years, if you ask me but is he unoriginal? And if he is unoriginal, does it matter as long as it’s good?

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  1. Just Blaze is technically web savvy — he masters all the new software.
    Bink! must feel like he carved his style with his own two hands, in the analog sampler days.

    Flipping the same samples is kind of lame, but Just Blaze may not believe in making beats that he can’t easily clear for sale.


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