Ryan Leslie’s latest studio setup

1: Yamaha Motif – You can do it all on this keyboard –  as well as sampling & sequencing features. It supports .wav files too. Most modern studios will have either this synth or the Korg Triton. Will set you back by around $1500 to $3000. Sound modules sold seperately.

2: Dave Smith Poly Evolver – Available for around $2000, this looks pretty cool when the studio lights are dimmed, with its built in LED’s. This one tends to be used in Techno & Dance music. Got some crazy sounds you’ll only find on here.

3: Alesis Andromeda A6 –  I believe he used this to make Addiction. They’ve stopped producing this synthesizer but it’s still pretty much an industry standard. Should set you back by around $2000.

4: LG Plasma Screen built into SSL 24 Channel Mixer – Available in most modern studios.

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  1. This has been his setup for atleast 4 years… but im pretty sure some “Beatmakers” didn’t know that! LMAO!!!

  2. Do you know of any instances where a producer made hit songs — on a version of keyboard that was prototype or unreleased in the stores?


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