Pharrell uses $100 Midi keyboard

You may have recently seen photos of Pharrell’s floating studio.

The most surprising feature of the setup to me, was to see Pharrell using the M-Audio KeyStudio 49. It’s a big change from the $2000 keyboards the Neptunes are said to usually use.

1: M-Audio KeyStudio 49: This is a brilliant 49 key Midi keyboard that can be used anywhere. All you need to do is hook the USB lead to the laptop/P.C and you’re good to go.

The keyboard also comes equipped with Pro Tools software to record and sequence with. You’ll need this to install the sounds which the keyboard uses. You also get a USB Micro Interface that acts a portable sound card. There are the usual features you’ll find on most keyboards such as pitch bend, modulation and octave switches. For $80 to $100, this is a great piece of hardware & software if you’re wanting to play some chords or start your own home studio.


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  1. LMAO… thats definitely not a 49-key midi controller boi! (Big Sean Voice) Its atleast a 61 n ^. Also, being that technology has dramatically advanced since the times of Moogs n shit, no1 needs to use a Roland Fantom or SP series synthesizers. All you need is a 1 TB HD, a good DAW, some OK plugins, and a slight understanding on how to use oscillators. WALLAH!!!

  2. Neptunes are the masters of the Moog?
    Swizz mastered the Motif for the Ruff Ryders era?
    Pete Rock masters the SP12?
    Alchemist masters the ASR?
    9th Wonders started on Fruit Loops?

    Is it truly possible for a new producer to captivate a unique sound, when everything is used the same software programs?

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