Trends: The Jiggy Era

The Jiggy Era was an experience to say the least.

Even back in the mid 90’s, some people were complaining that hip hop was becoming too watered down and commercial.

Bad Boy Records was burning so white hot at the time, that some labels were begging Puff to executive produce their artists albums and produce their singles.

Personally, I was a fan of some records in the Jiggy Era, Puffy had the dancefloors packed!

  • sampling hits from the 80’s or even the 90’s
  • shakers, triangles and digital scratches
  • dancers & shiny suits
  • Puff

But some records were truly terrible….

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  1. I wonder if Bad Boy really took off because their style fit in with the change from cassette to CD in mid-90’s. Like that big clear, shiny sound in a new Lexus stereo type of sound.


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