Why so many rappers?

Recording costs are the reason there are so many rappers and producers, not the internet.

Music technology has rapidly advanced in the past 20 years.  Before, you had to record to a tape reel. So if you wanted to get signed by handing out demo’s, you would have to pay a studio to record it there. Cost & equipment were the biggest barriers to entry for an unsigned artist. (Magnetic tape recording was invented by the Nazi’s :()

As this was the only way to record a professional sounding demo, studios knew they could charge as much as they wanted. However, some studios offered a demo deal, where they would record your demo for free but if you got signed they would be entitled to a percentage of the advance fee.

With the development of  Pro Tools, Cakewalk, Goldwave and other recording software, you could record, sequence and mix your songs to .wav and .mp3. These files could be burnt to C.D or Mini Disk, bypassing the analogue form of recording.

Affordable home computers & laptops contributed to the rise of the home studio, as producers didn’t have to pay for studio time to use expensive synthesizers and drum machines. Propellerhead Reason and FL Studio provided producers with their own digital audio workstations.

Professional equipment such as the Shure SM58 could be purchased cheaply for second hand. (USB microphones can also offer a quality sound when recording at home.)

The internet helped to provide a platform to upload the recordings, obtain free recording  information and try to make some new fans.


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  1. Actually it is the Internet, you can be able to cheaply record all the music you want. Without the avenue of the internet (blogs. youtube,facebook, twitter, tumblr) you’ll just end up chasing down some Industry flake begging him to listen to your demo. The gift & curse of the Internet is you cut the middle man out and get to present your music directly to the public. The beauty is If your talented enough you can build a great following, the curse is If your not very talent god awful even, you can still pop w/ a grind of relentless amount of mixtapes & coonery i.e. Lil B

    You know how many times I’ve walk down the street and I saw some youngin standing on the corner holding a couple CD cases talking bout “Yo my man you like hip hop, check out my new mixtape” ..and he insist that you listen to the point he follows you for a couple blocks…till you finally say you’ll listen to his mixtape just to get rid of him then he says “Hold up that $10 bruh”


    Without the Internet the streets would be flooded with those kinda of niggas

    • I agree with most of your comment, but the Internet would still be useless for making music if the advance in recording technology never occured.
      It would just cost too much for most people to make good quality recordings consistently (in terms of sound quality.)

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