Hip Hop Extremists: Everyone’s a critic!

What is a music critic? There is no qualification or license that allows a music critic to define what good music is.

A critic is giving an opinion, which we all have. They are neither right or wrong, you have the right to disagree with them.

I think it’s ironic that a lot of these critics have no experience in making music, yet they get the platform to say what they feel is good music. Back when The Source was the self proclaimed “hip hop bible”, many of their reviews were biased toward New York based artists. We used to listen to reviews so much, that over time we became critics ourself.

New York has always been the home of the critic (unfortunately), for example, XXL, Vibe, The New York Film Critics Circle Award, Rolling Stone and many more.  Many of the popular hip hop blogs are also based in New York, and in some cases even the comments on said blogs seem to critique and over analyze every aspect of a song , whereas feeling the song is most important thing.  One of the definitions of elitism is to genuinely believe you a part of a select or favoured group, which I believe some fans are guilty of.

You don’t have to take sides, it’s ok to form an opinion on your own. Music is an artform & art is supposed to affect the senses and emotions. It’s ok to like Nas and Soulja Boy.

Again, this is just opinion. If everyone who critiqued music was correct every time, the record industry would be in brilliant shape. Don’t let a review influence your opinion.


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  1. Great post! that exactly what I’ve been telling people for years

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