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I’m worried J Cole’s album might be a flop after hearing Work Out. What do you think?

Work Out was underwhelming. In The Morning is J.Cole’s biggest track so far, whether his core fanbase like it or not – however, they could always re release In The Morning. The only problem is it has Drake on it. It was also when he made the switch from college tours to arenas/opening act for established artists, so his approach had to change.

For his lead single it’s important he stands on his own 2 feet, and by that I mean doing that without a big feature, like Wiz Khalifa and Drake did.

Jay-Z doesn’t usually do singles with his own artists until they’re established – tough love as Dame used to say. But what he should do is have J Cole do a bunch of features to get his name out there, so people who aren’t J Cole fans wanna hear more than a 16 from this guy that keeps doing tracks with their favorite artists. Therefore, I wouldn’t write him off yet.

What’s this years summer anthem gonna be? I’m On One is cool but it’s not really an anthem to me.

I couldn’t really say. Hip hop is suffering from a lack of hits at the moment, but The Game could resurrect interest in his album with a summer anthem. Mind you, Watch The Throne is bound to have a few hits on it.

Any news on the Dipset reunion? I saw a video of them working with Dr Dre but nothing has been released.

Vado & Diplomats are both on Interscope but there’s no release date for any Diplomat albums, so we can assume it’s either unfinished or they haven’t started working on it yet.

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  1. I don’t think Cole has the capabilities right now to make a hit record by himself…he need either a super producer or big name feature…

    How long is Roc Nation gonna delay Cole album because he hasn’t made their ideal single?

    I don’t know what their plan Is but putting all the eggs in one basket w/ Cole hoping he present the perfect single just seems silly to me…as record label gotta know what your artist is…is he a commercially viable superstar who gonna be all over the radio and be a breadwinner for the company or is he an artist whos gonna put well balanced music with a variety of topics but isn’t going to be able to consistently put out radio hits…Roc Nation should be to tell..its their job to recognize that…trying to fit a square block into a circle shape and doing nothing else in the meantime until it fits is waste of time and energy

    • I totally agree.

      He’s going the ladies man route – look at the features he’s been doing – All r&b
      You can’t be the humble regular dude & the confident ladies man at the same time. Find a lane and stick to it.

      His next single will most likely be with an R&B singer.

  2. Where does J.Cole rank in the Rocafella pantheon to you?

    He’s not even top 25 in the entire history of any of those labels artists.


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