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  1. RNC Chairman Michael Steele

    It’ll be interesting to see how the T-Wayne thing turns out. I always liked the chemistry they had on tracks, but I wonder if it’s too late for T-Pain. On one hand, he’s old news, but on the other hand auto-tune is as big as ever in music, so it’s not like the basis for T-Pain’s sound is passe or anything.

  2. So, being the VP of Creative means she pretty much influences what artists are made priority to record on certain collaborations, and who gets better producers and remixes? Or does she just run all the A&R to sign the bullsh*t we are hearing on the mainstream right now?

    Her bio says she was an “unknown British producer” with “nurturing and networking expertise” since 2009. And her highest charting records were ghostwritten pop songs that were allegedly meant for any artist (Lupe) that would make the best version?


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