News Corporation Scandal – Lets kick them while they’re down!

Rupert Murdoch is an Australian multimedia mogul who owns News Corporation.

News Corporation own and control much of the multimedia in the Western World, as well as parts of Latin America and Asia.

Murdoch is one of the most powerful men in the world & has even attended Bilderberg Group meetings.

U.S Senators have now called for a probe into Murdoch’s News Corp due to a scandal that started in London, where News Corp employees were bribing high level police officers for information and hacking the phones of murder victims. They also hacked and deleted the voice mail messages of murder victims, thus interrupting police investigations.

Industrial espionage is commonplace in business, although News Corp’s actions are disgraceful – especially when you consider how close they are to many world leaders in the west. The big questions on the press’ lips is who authorized the hacking and bribery and who knew about it.

What does this have to do with hip hop?

News Corporation owns Fox News and other Fox subsidaries such as 20th Century Fox.

Fox has always pushed an agenda against hip hop artists. Not too long ago, Bill O Reilly attempted to castigate hip hop artists and label owners such as Dame Dash, Cam’ron, Lupe Fiasco and more.  Several years ago, Nas ordered a protest outside Fox News headquarters and spoke about their bias on Sly Fox.

Surprisingly, before they filed for bankruptcy, Rawkus Records was once owned by James Murdoch – the son of Rupert Murdoch. James Murdoch is News Corporation’s Chairman & CEO.

James Murdoch was college buddies and business partners with Brian Brater and Jarret Myer, who now own the Uproxx Media Network that operate hip hop blogs such as Smoking Section.

News Corporation also owned shares of Elektra Records.

In 2005, Myspace was bought by Fox for $580 million. It was later sold last month for $30 million – Justin Timberlake owns shares of Myspace, and Fox still retains a 5% share.

Many of these corporations that did business with Fox/News Corporation may be put under investigation by the U.S Senate, as the News Corp scandal unravels.

Sunz Of Man: Israeli News

Nas: Sly Fox


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  1. NewsCorp can’t utilize the internet to sell that tabloid crap they sell everywhere else.

    So they bought the cops and judges to make and break the flow of news in a militaristic state. They didn’t have a big international presence in the Middle East when the turmoil was going on in Spring, so they are lagging behind other outlets severely for this year. GOP has full control of everything in the USA, so they can’t make a buck crying over spilled milk, because even the Tea Party is relaxed right now.


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