Unreleased Pharrell & Timbaland tracks: Surrounded By Idiots

3 records from Pharrell, Magoo & Timbaland’s group Surrounded By Idiots have been released from the vaults!

Personally, as a full time Neptunes and Timbaland fanatic, I was hyped to hear that they’re back in the studio together.

These records are from 1991, before they even earned their first production credits, so its interesting to see how their styles meshed and developed.

Skull Caps & Stripe Shirts samples Michael Jackson: Human Nature, that was later used by SWV for Right Here. In case you didn’t know Pharrell is credited as a writer on that record. The break is from The Honey Drippers: Impeach The President.

If Ur Freaky Baby samples Michael Jackson: The Lady In My Life. This sounds like the drums were played live but I could be wrong. Pharrell and Timbaland can both play the drums. I also like how he chops the sample around 3.10.

It’s Like That is a really mellow record, with an ATCQ feel to it. The samples are Evelyn Champagne King: The Show Is Over,  Rufus & Chaka Khan:Magic In Your Eyes and Melvin Bliss: Synthetic Substitution.


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