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Q: What will Watch The Throne sell? I heard it’s the highest selling album in iTunes history.

As of today, Watch The Throne has moved around 308k copies. Many sources are estimating 500k by the end of the week, some are even saying 600k.

The safeguarding of the album (not sending it to journalists/dj’s, only releasing it on iTunes et al) have a big part to do with its impressive sales.


Q: Im’ a Boston based producer trying to get some beats shopped. What’s the best way to get noticed?

Producing for local artists! Get ya name out there! Doesn’t matter if they’re unsigned or not, its up to you if you wanna charge them. If they can afford to buy a bag of weed, they can afford to pay you for your time & effort.

Q: I’ve been interning over the summer at a major label. Is an internship really that important, I’ve been running errands back and forth!

Internship is a good way of making contacts and gaining a little experience of what goes on. I recommend it although its not for everybody. Remember, Puff was an errand boy for Andre Harrell.


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