J Dilla sampled

When I first bought Welcome To Detroit, I got stuck on Shake It Down.

The chords and the way the beat drops was impressive, but I especially loved that little sample in the background. Anyway, I read the liner notes of the album to see what the sample was, but Dilla said something like “the sample was some country western shit”.

Since then I always assumed it was some diamond selling Country singer that he didn’t want to name, because it would cost too much to clear. So, after almost a decade I found the sample. Having now heard the original version, I’m amazed by the attention to detail he put into what appears to be a pretty simple beat for Dilla’s standard. Seems like he built the track around it.

Dilla version.

Original track by Boz Scaggs. (loop starts from around the 18 second mark to the 27 second mark)

Sped Up Loop






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  1. Welcome 2 Detroit one of my favorite projects from Jay Dee

    bought it on a whim, back when I would buy random hip hop albums just see If I hear something new.

  2. You are amazing for doing this. I too was stuck on this beat when I first heard it. Always on heavy rotation on my sound systems.

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